Cheerleading - Past Champions

Cheerleading Champions

1988 Bonny Eagle Bucksport C. Aroostook Deer-Isle
1989 Windham Bucksport C. Aroostook Shead
1990 Brunswick Marshwood Washington Acad. C. Aroostook
1991 Lewiston Bucksport Traip Academy Shead
1992 Gardiner Marshwood St. Dominic Shead
1993 Deering Marshwood Traip Academy Woodland
1994 Bonny Eagle Marshwood Washington Acad. Monmouth
1995 Bonny Eagle Scarborough Traip Academy Monmouth
1996 Bonny Eagle Bucksport Calais Monmouth
1997 Oxford Hills Houlton Woodland Machias
1998 Bonny Eagle Scarborough Traip Academy Monmouth
1999 Oxford Hills Old Town St. Dominic Monmouth
2000 Oxford Hills Old Town St. Dominic Monmouth
2001 Marshwood Gorham St. Dominic Monmouth
2002 Biddeford Houlton Monmouth C. Aroostook
2003 Lewiston Rockland St. Dominic Fort Fairfield
2004 Lewiston Poland Houlton Machias
2005 Bonny Eagle John Bapst St. Dominic Bangor Christian
2006 Lewiston John Bapst Houlton Fort Fairfield
2007 Brewer Hermon Washington Fort Fairfield
2008 Biddeford Poland Washington C. Aroostook
2009 Biddeford Hermon St. Dominic C. Aroostook
2010 Biddeford Poland Sumner C. Aroostook
2011 Lewiston Hermon Houlton C. Aroostook
2012 Lewiston Hermon Central C. Aroostook
2013 Lewiston Hermon Dexter Deer Isle
2014 Biddeford Hermon Central C. Aroostook
2015 Lewiston Hermon Lisbon C. Aroostook
2016 Lewiston Old Town
Orono C. Aroostook
2017 Lewiston Hermon Lisbon C. Aroostook
2018 Bangor Hermon Central C. Aroostook
2018 Biddeford Hermon Lisbon C. Aroostook


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Administrator Evaluation Model

The Maine Principals' Association's Supervision and Evaluation Committee has taken the initiative to review existing models of administrator evaluation, and to develop a tool that incorporates performance-based standards and a process to ensure professional growth.  Therefore, the committee offers the following Administrator Evaluation Model for use by school administrative units in full or with revisions made at the local level.

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2011 Principal Study Survey
The Maine Principal Study has documented since 1997 how Maine principals experience their work and feel about their effectiveness. The 2011 Maine Principal Study survey was distributed electronically, and several items were dropped because they had not yielded particularly useful information during previous administrations. This latest survey revealed some interesting trends. To view the 2011 survey, click here.