Past Champions

Annual Champions and Runners-up
in Wrestling

1959 Sanford/Deering
1961 Sanford/Winslow
1962 Sanford/Winslow Dexter/Lisbon
1963 Sanford/Winslow Lisbon/Stephens
1964 Sanford/Biddeford Dexter/Stephens
1965 Sanford/Biddeford Dexter/Stephens
1966 Sanford/Biddeford Dexter/Skowhegan
1967 Sanford/Stephens Dexter/Belfast
1968 Sanford/Skowhegan Dexter/Belfast Fryeburg/Morse
1969 Belfast/Sanford Dexter/Lisbon Fryeburg/Morse
1970 Belfast/Dexter Fort Kent/Gardiner
1971 Dexter/Rumford Fryeburg/Gardiner
1972 Rumford/Massabesic Fort Kent/Fryeburg
1973 Rumford/Massabesic
1974 Rumford/Massabesic
1975 Massabesic/Morse
1976 Sanford/Rumford
1977 Sanford/Rumford
1978 Rumford/Gardiner
1979 Sanford/Rumford
1980 Sanford/Rumford Mexico/Cony
1981 Rumford/Morse Ellsworth/Noble
1982 Sanford/Massabesic Ellsworth/Bonny Eagle
1983 Mt. Blue/Sanford Bonny EagleFoxcroft
1984 Mt. Blue/Sanford Bonny Eagle/Noble
1985 Sanford/Morse Noble/Wells
1986 Noble/Massabesic Belfast/Frueburg
1987 Oxford Hills/Winslow Belfast/Camden-Rockport
1988 Bonny Eagle/Oxford Hills Wells/Camden-Rockport
1989 Oxford Hills/Bonny Eagle Marshwood/Winslow
1990 Bonny Eagle/Oxford Hills Camden-Rockport/Marshwood Dirigo/MCI
1991 Kennebunk-
Sanford - Tie/Bonny Eagle
Medomak - Tie/Bucksport
Penobscot Valley/Dirigo
1992 Sanford/Bonny Eagle Camden-Rockport/Marshwood Penobscot Valley/Dirigo
1993 Bonny Eagle/Noble Marshwood/Mtn. Valley Penobscot Valley/Dirigo
1994 Bonny Eagle/Sanford Belfast/Kennebunk Penobscot Valley/Boothbay
1995 Sanford/Noble Belfast/Kennebunk Penobscot Valley/Dexter
1996 Bonny Eagle/Mt. Ararat Wells/Camden-Rockport Dirigo/Penobscot Valley
1997 Bonny Eagle/Massabesic Marshwood/Camden-Rockport Dexter/Dirigo
1998 Massabesic/Noble Camden-Rockport/Marshwood Dexter/Foxcroft
1999 Noble/Massabesic Marshwood/Camden-Rockport Dexter/Foxcroft
2000 Noble/Morse Camden-Rockport/Mtn. Valley Dexter/Bucksport
2001 Noble/Mt. Blue Camden Hills/Mtn. Valley Lisbon/Dexter
2002 Noble/Westbrook Camden Hills/Belfast Lisbon/Dexter
2003 Noble/Westbrook Camden Hills/Mtn. Valley Lisbon/Dexter
2004 Noble/Marshwood Camden Hills/Mtn. Valley Foxcroft/Lisbon
2005 Noble/Marshwood

Camden Hills & Mtn. Valley (Co-Champs)/

2006 Noble/Massabesic

Mtn. Valley/Camden Hills

2007 Massabesic/Noble Camden Hills/Belfast Dirigo/Lisbon
2008 Massabeisc/Noble Belfast/Mountain Valley Lisbon/Dirigo
2009 Noble/Massabesic Belfast/Camden Hills Lisbon/Dirigo/Bucksport
2010 Noble/Massabesic Camden/Mtn. Valley Lisbon/Penobscot
2011 Noble/Marshwood Mtn. Valley/Camden Foxcroft/Lisbon
2012 Marshwood/Massabesic Camden/Fryeburg
2013 Marshwood/Massabesic Camden/Fryeburg Foxcroft/Dirigo
2014 Marshwood/Massabesic Camden/Mtn. Valley Dirigo/Dexter
2015 Marshwood/Massabesic Ellsworth/Mtn. Valley
2016 Skowhegan/Marshwood Foxcroft/Dirigo  
2017 Marshwood/Noble Wells/Ellsworth  
2018 Marshwood/Noble Wells/Foxcroft  
2019 Mt. Ararat-Brunswick/Marshwood Wlls/Dexter  


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Administrator Evaluation Model

The Maine Principals' Association's Supervision and Evaluation Committee has taken the initiative to review existing models of administrator evaluation, and to develop a tool that incorporates performance-based standards and a process to ensure professional growth.  Therefore, the committee offers the following Administrator Evaluation Model for use by school administrative units in full or with revisions made at the local level.

Download Administrator Evaluation Model


2011 Principal Study Survey
The Maine Principal Study has documented since 1997 how Maine principals experience their work and feel about their effectiveness. The 2011 Maine Principal Study survey was distributed electronically, and several items were dropped because they had not yielded particularly useful information during previous administrations. This latest survey revealed some interesting trends. To view the 2011 survey, click here.