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Guidelines for Academic Eligibility for Students from Equivalent Instruction Programs
(Homeschooling Programs)

Guidelines for Implementation

The purpose of the MPA Athletic Eligibility Rule is to ensure that the athletic program is subordinate to the academic program. Students are allowed to participate in the athletic program only if they are successfully meeting the academic standards of their school.
Since students who are regularly enrolled in the public school must meet certain academic eligibility rules in order to participate, it is only fair that homeschooled students should also meet basic academic standards in order to be considered eligible. This may be accomplished through the following steps which we believe are consistent with Maine Law.

  1. Prior to the sport season in which a student wishes to participate, the homeschool parents and student should contact the local high school principal in writing to determine the policy of the local school board regarding academic eligibility. The principal must determine that all MPA eligibility rules are met.
  2. The parent must understand that the academic eligibility rules that apply to public school students also apply to home- schooled students. The principal will develop standards by which the “equivalency” of previous work can be determined. The principal may require that the student demonstrate mastery of specific skills in order to make an informed judgment.
  3. The principal must determine to his/her satisfaction that the student is following Maine Department of Education guidelines and standards and is meeting the academic eligibility standards set by the local school board of education.
  4. The principal, in accordance with appropriate school board policy, shall determine the academic standards and degree of rigor that will be maintained in order for all students to maintain academic eligibility. Just as public school students may lose their eligibility if their grades drop, so homeschooled youngsters may lose their eligibility if they fail to perform to these same standards. The principal may require that the homeschooled student demonstrate continued academic progress in order to maintain eligibility. Such demonstration may take the form of essays, written or oral tests, performances, exhibitions, portfolios, or other assessment vehicles.

Date: 1990-91; Updated: June 1996

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