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Code of Conduct Examples

Code of Conduct Exemplars

Dexter Regional High School, Dexter

Please click here to see a copy of the Code and Behavior Expectations.


MSAD 27, Fort Kent

Please click here to see a copy of MSAD 27’s Code of Conduct.

Please click here to see a copy of the Habits of Work Indicators.


Lake Region Middle School, Naples

Please click here to see a copy of the Code of Conduct.


Livermore Elementary School, Livermore Falls

Please click here to see a copy of the Code of Conduct.


Narraguagus High School, Harrington

We don't really have a "Code of Conduct" as such.  We have a school code which simply enumerates our basic expectations.


 1.        Respect the faculty, school personnel, school property, and each other.

 2.        Take pride in your school and help keep it clean and attractive.

 3.        Be prompt and dependable.

 4.        Dress as attractively and comfortably as possible during school and for all school functions.

 5.        Cheer for your school, not against your opponent.

 6.        Realize the seriousness of cheating and do not get involved in it.

 7.        Do your best.  Be organized and do not put off what you can do now.

 8.        Remember that you are now writing the record that will follow you for the rest of your life.  You are responsible for your actions.

 9.        Treat your classmates as you would have them treat you.

10.        Always conduct yourself in such a manner that Narraguagus Jr/Sr High School, fellow students, and community will have a reason to be proud of you.


Sebago Elementary School, Sebago

This is a link to the Code of Conduct as listed on the school's webpage. This link also includes my school's handbook for families. The entire district follows the same Code of Conduct.


Spruce Mountain High School, Jay

RSU 73 Conduct Procedures

RSU 73 Code of Conduct Table


Vinalhaven School, Vinalhaven

Has a PreK-12 code of conduct both spelled out as well as in their handbook.


Windsor Elementary School, Windsor

We are a PBIS school. Research shows that the positive reinforcement of direct instruction on behavior can make significant improvements to learning. Please click here to see a copy of their Expectations Matrix.

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Administrator Evaluation Model

The Maine Principals' Association's Supervision and Evaluation Committee has taken the initiative to review existing models of administrator evaluation, and to develop a tool that incorporates performance-based standards and a process to ensure professional growth.  Therefore, the committee offers the following Administrator Evaluation Model for use by school administrative units in full or with revisions made at the local level.

Download Administrator Evaluation Model


2011 Principal Study Survey
The Maine Principal Study has documented since 1997 how Maine principals experience their work and feel about their effectiveness. The 2011 Maine Principal Study survey was distributed electronically, and several items were dropped because they had not yielded particularly useful information during previous administrations. This latest survey revealed some interesting trends. To view the 2011 survey, click here.