School Resources Creating A Positive Climate: What Administrators Can Do to Lift Classroom Teachers

Creating A Positive Climate: What Administrators Can Do to Lift Classroom Teachers

“Creating A Positive Climate: What Administrators Can Do to Lift Classroom Teachers”


This list was generated by Maine Assistant Principals at the

MPA Assistant Principals’ Conference on October 27, 2014


  • Sub for teachers so they have time for professional development and other.
  • Find flexibility for staff (time).
  • Encourage (outside) professional development.
  • Aide in communication, be supportive with stakeholders.
  • Build capacity in staff
  • Take the “annoying” little things and distractions off their minds. Listen, try, and hear those issues.
  • Support your good/strong teachers when they get fed up.
  • Foster culture of pre-forgiveness-embrace failure as the process
  • Helping teachers take risks/try new things
  • Consistency, supporting teachers
  • Targeted professional development for teachers per their request
  • Praise good teaching – in evaluations and informal feedback
  • Administrative newsletter supporting teachers for the week, including good news, identifying good teaching/teachers
  • Share leadership
  • Listen more than you speak.
  • Be visible . . . interact.
  • Know and be part of your community.
  • Model positive interactions with kids.

vConsider feedback from teachers regarding professional development needs.

vBe available to support success in classrooms.

  • Disciplinary support
  • Be a resource
  • Respect the teachers as leaders
  • Take down small barriers, i.e. $ for a book, alternative space, cover a classroom
  • Support/suggest professional development opportunities

vShow appreciation for staff, i.e. staff breakfast, duty coverage.

vSupport personal/family needs.

vTimely responses to e-mails and consistent communication.

vEnsure meetings are meaningful; honor people’s time.

  • Recognize time is a valuable commodity . . . don’t waste their time.
  • Remove road blocks, provide resources.
  • Be consistent
  • Develop relationships, trust . . . to get to best outcome. Be collaborative.
  • Not just about evaluation . . . feedback is about growth.
  • Provide a positive, consistent male role model if one can be present and is necessary.
  • Use discipline as educational opportunity.
  • Foster relationships that are viewed as a partnership. Have confidence to come in and close door to work on something.
  • Brainstorm with teacher in pre-observation conference.
  • Honesty, be direct.
  • Trust

If you have other thoughts on how to create a positive climate in your schools, e-mail Holly Couturier at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your thoughts will be added to this list.

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