Bangor High School


            Located in the heart of Bangor, Bangor High School sits just off of Broadway and although this year marks the 50th anniversary of the building, it’s in beautiful condition. Walking through the halls one easily gets a feeling of pride for all aspects of the school.

            Principal Paul Butler led the tour of this amazing 9-12 high school. He is proud to talk about keeping to many of the original aspects of theIMG 2395-200 school: an 8-block period allowing for students’ needs to be met in a more flexible manner, ramps take you to the different levels of the school, and trophy cases line the hallways of the school marking the many success of the school both athletically and academically. We are a “Big Small School. We have 1,150 students but yet we are able to diversify our classes and programs to meet everyone’s needs.” Two aspects of the school that Mr. Butler pointed out was the fact that Bangor High School has one of the, if not THE, oldest JROTC program in the country. The banner stating it was founded in 1861 is proudly displayed in the room where the group meets on a regular basis. Bangor High is also on the “National AP District Honor Roll.” This honor is given to roughly 500 high schools in the country.

            Courses are taught by some of the highest qualified teachers in their respective fields. Teachers who have work experience in the field they are teaching as well as several who have their Ph.D. teach at Bangor High School. Because of this, they are able to offer some of the best AP courses in the area. Last year alone, 539 AP exams were given and this year that number will be higher.

            I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with the four class officers: Steve, Nick, Katie, and Lily. When asking them to tell me what makes their school awesome, each of them were able to articulate very well what they think makes their school great.

            Steve mentioned the academies. “Bangor High has several different AcademiesIMG 2396-200 such as the STEM and Visual/Performing Arts. I’m part of the STEM Academy. I get to learn everything that I need to know, but all of my classes have a STEM aspect so it best meets my needs. I was able to participate in an Apprentice Research Project last summer and this year I’ve been working all year on an independent research project. I feel very prepared for college next year.

            Nick stated three areas in which Bangor High is unique and amazing: academics – the courses, curriculum, and the specialized areas: including the science academy “How many other high schools have an observatory?” (Bangor High has the highest quality telescope in the region). He also noted the extracurricular activities. “You can start any activity that you would like. If you have an interest, the staff will help you get it going.” And finally he noted the overall environment, “Everyone knows everyone. We may be a large school, but we have a lot of support. The kids here are ready and want to learn.”

            Katie noted, “The staff is willing to help all students with whatever they are interested in: both academically and athletically. Our sports teams do really well!”

            Lily enjoys the opportunities that are available to the students. “All of the teachers and students are motivated to do their best.”

            When asked about their principal, Mr. Butler, the kids all agreed, “You have to love him. He knows what he is doing all the time. He has a vision and is confident in the direction the school and the students are going. He has a plan for each student and he is committed to the kids. He has the perfect balance of authority and sensitivity towards all of the students. He makes us feel welcome.”


Bangor High School, 885 Broadway, Bangor, ME 04401 207-992-5500bangor-emblem-200

Principal Paul Butler, Assistant Principals Timothy Reed and Brian Doyle

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