Houlton Middle/High School

Houlton Middle / High School is a grade 6-12 school (just adding grade 6 this year!) with 565 students,houlton high 4 a 56% free and reduced lunch rate, and a 17% special education population. There are 55 dedicated teachers who work at Houlton Middle / High School. 100% of his students have 1:1 iPads.

            Walking around the school with Principal Marty Bouchard was a treat. He greeted all of his students and addressed most of them by name. He and the staff pride themselves in knowing the students – not just the name, but truly who they are. The students know that they are cared for and this is apparent by how they respond to their principal in return.

            Mr. Bouchard, and his Assistant Principal Dan Hodgins, along with their staff have created a positive school climate while maintaining a diverse and rigorous curriculum. The school offers English/Language Arts and Math Labs to offer additional support to those students who need it. This rigorous program is coupled by an amazing electives program fully supported by the community. Electives such as working in the greenhouse and canning vegetables, industrial arts electives: wood work and metal shops are available, quilting classes, and outside they have an outdoor classroom complete with a boiling house where students can make delicious maple syrup! Working closely with schools of higher education, Houlton Middle / High school currently has 15 students enrolled in their Bridge Program!!

houlton high            The community also fully supported the building of the Performance Arts Center in the school. Music, theatre, and general education classes are able to shine in this beautiful area of Houlton Middle / High. Outside groups will also access this space that includes balcony seating to go along with the comfortable orchestra-style seats.

            The school and community fully support student success. Throughout the school you will see all of the academic and sports awards won over the decades. You will get a sense of pride and history as you walk through the halls of this great school.

            When speaking to two of the seniors at Houlton Middle / High, Noah and Jill, they state that they really appreciate the job placement program at the school through JMG. They also enjoy the music programs: musical, show choir, chorus, and percussion ensemble, as well as the athletic programs. There is a lot of opportunity for students to be involved in extra activities in the school – I really like being able to take college classes!”houlton high 3

            As for their principal, Mr. Bouchard, the students noted that he “focuses on students. He’s a great motivator and one of the greatest coaches ever. He wants what’s best for us. He helped create the mentor program that is really helpful for the kids going into 9th grade. It’s a lot less intimidating when you have a trained mentor who has similar interests as the freshmen.”

            They also appreciate the hard work of the Assistant Principal, Mr. Hodgins. “He’s a real go-getter, especially for the music program. He’s super friendly and knows all of us in the school.”

Contact: Houlton Middle / High School, 7 Bird St, Houlton, ME 04730 (207)532-6551

Principal Marty Bouchard and AP Dan Hodgins E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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