Madawaska Middle/High School

Madawaska Middle/High School

Is a majestic old building overlooking the town of Madawaska and Canada. It houses grades 7-12, the Community Education Program, Adult Education, and an outreach branch of madawasks high principalNorthern Maine Community College. There are 240 students and Madawaska Middle/High has a 43% free and reduced lunch rate and has a 19% special education population. There are 21 teachers and 4 educational technicians.

            While on a tour of this great school, Gisele Faucher, Assistant Superintendent of Schools and part time classroom teacher, and Principal Wayne Anderson, noted many of the fantastic programs offered to the students. One such program is found in the special education department. Walking into the one of special education room, two of the staff commented on a student’s love of music. They have now incorporated piano playing as a form of music therapy for this child. He stays focused on his work and can accurately identify several classical pieces based on a few notes on the piano.

            Not only is music used as a positive reward system, but they also encourage physical activity as well. They have a supervised weight room for students to use if a movement break is necessary.

            The School’s Vision is clearly marked throughout the building:madawaska high 2

Our vision is to learn to become

Worthy adults in our lives

Lifting our sights and creating opportunities to

Succeed and to be the best in everything we do.”

(Owls are the mascot for the school!)

            It is clear that students live this vision and their learning is a priority for the staff of Madawaska Middle/High School. All of the students I encountered on my tour were exceptionally respectful to themselves, each other, and all adults in the building. Respect is reciprocated by staff who dedicate themselves to offering high quality programming for the students.

            Another gem to the school is their live television station, WOWL. The students chose this broadcasting elective to write, produce, host, and televise different topics of interest to the community. Time Warner Cable has given the school Channel 16 to air all programs 24-hours a day. Programs include, but are not limited to, school board meetings, interviews with high-interest people (such as candidates running for political office), and other school functions. You can find an example of their program on

madawaska high tvTheir webpage link:

or on YouTube link:

I highly encourage you to visit this amazing high school the next time you visit Aroostook County.

Contact: Madawaska Middle/High School, 135 Seventh Ave, Madawaska, ME 04756 (207)728-3371

Principal Wayne Anderson E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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