Medway Middle School

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IMG 2418-180            Medway Middle School is a grades 5 – 8 school in Medway, Maine. They serve 110 students who are taught by 15 teachers and 7 educational technicians. They have a 70% free and reduced lunch rate and a 30% special education population.

            Medway Middle is located in Penobscot County and they have an AMAZING Youth Leadership group that has won state awards through MYAN (Maine Youth Action Network). The “Speak Up” group is a group of students in the 7th and 8th grade who focus on anti-tobacco, anti-drug, and most importantly anti-bulling. The students have worked with the Partnership for a Healthy Northern Penobscot to create a safe and positive climate and culture, not only in their own school, but by bringing their message to different state-wide events other schools take the “Speak Up” message back to make positive changes in their buildings.

            When walking around this adorable school, Principal Dawn Pray, IMG 2415-180states that it’s the staff and kids that make her school amazing. “They want to be here. They are passionate for learning and are happy.” The school board and community support the students and their teachers and this is demonstrated by their support of student experiences outside of the school. “The community has pride in their school; the kids have truly changed the culture here.”

            Medway Middle School transitioned to standards-based grading two years ago and the teachers and staff like how they have separated work habits from academic grades. The teachers work in teams of four on a weekly basis for 40 minutes. Many times the teachers meet more than that on an informal basis to look at student data and determine how to best meet students’ needs.

The staff has worked together to make sure the needs of the whole child are met: they provide healthy snacks all day for the students and have a cot for those who are exhausted. Rather than send the child home for the day, the staff let the students rest for an hour and return to learning in the classroom. Medway Middle also has a washing machine and shower available for the students and community.

            I had the pleasure of speaking with a 5th grade student, Alyssa, and an 8th grade student, Olivia, about IMG 2414-180Medway Middle School. They shared, “The teachers here are nice and fun. We are learning while we play.”

            “The teachers support us. They aren’t just teachers to us, they are our friends. Because of the Speak Up group, we know how to take care of bullying if we see it or if we are being bullied. “

“The teachers here also gave us (the show choir) a ‘Good Luck Party’ when we went to states and then had a Pep Rally for us when we won last year! We really look forward to coming to school.”

            As for their principal, the girls said, “Miss Pray is my favorite principal. She is going to be there for us, no matter what. She makes any mistake we make into a good thing. She makes our boring days fun. She brightens our day and makes school a really happy place.”

            Medway Middle School is definitely a gem. I highly encourage you to visit!


Medway Middle School, 25 Middle School Drive, Medway ME 04460 207-746-3470

Principal Dawn Pray, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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