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Graduation Robe Color

Morse High School, Bath

Morse High School now allows students to choose their color (either blue or white).  The previous tradition was to have boys in blue and girls in white.  This change took place 3-4 years ago.


Telstar High School, Bethel

We made the change last year at Telstar High School to one color and will continue going forward to do the same.


Caribou High School, Caribou

At Caribou High School we use one color robes for graduation -maroon.  All students wear the same color robe, mortar board and tassel.


Greeley High School, Cumberland

Yes - switched to one color 4 years ago.


Shead High School, Eastport

We at Shead made this change 4 or 5 years ago. We used to have black and white but went all black. It was requested by the students and staff because of equality concerns among students.  We like black for the formality of it. It has been meet with great support from the school and community.


Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth

Ellsworth has one color.


Falmouth High School, Falmouth

Moved to one color in Falmouth (17-18).


Fort Fairfield Middle/High School, Fort Fairfield

We transitioned last year to all red at Fort Fairfield Middle High School.


Community High School, Fort Kent

Fort Kent has only one color, Warrior Green!


Gray-New Gloucester, Gray

This has been an on-going issue at Gray-New Gloucester High School for the past five years.  Each year, we put it out to a vote and the results have been the same:  blue or white (regardless of the sex of a student, they can choose which color they want).  The Class of 2020 voted just recently to go with one color (Navy blue with a white stole that has in red GNGHS on one side, and 2020 on the other).  Moving forward, we will be sticking with this color scheme. 


Piscataquis Community High School, Guilford

PCHS in Guilford is a one color school. All students wear Pirate Blue.


Hampden Academy, Hampden

We only use Purple robes, with a white stole for all students. Then they have their various school acquired cords. 

This is a point of discussion every year, but the challenge of balancing 2 colors and how to decide who wears what would be a logistic challenge. Hence the Purple robe for all with a white stole- gets all students in the same colors and looks great!


Kennebunk High School, Kennebunk

We are going to have gowns of one color (blue) for the June 2020 graduation.


Lewiston High School, Lewiston

We have gone to only Blue with White Sashes.


Maine School of Science and Mathematics, Limestone

I believe that we have always had one color.


Lisbon High School, Lisbon

We allow the class to choose the color of the robe.  We have used black and white robes consistently (with the marshals in red).  It used to be white for the females and black for the males.  We then went to student choice of white or black.  One year the class chose to do all black.  We have restrictions on colors (use the school colors of black and white) but have allowed the class to choose the color they wear individually.


Machias Memorial High School, Machias

Machias Memorial High School went to all black in 2016.  The reason was for gender neutrality.  No complaints.


Nokomis High School, Newport

All Nokomis graduates have worn solid burgundy gowns for 30+ years.


Noble High School, North Berwick

We made the change to one color five years ago.


Orono High School, Orono

Orono HS has been a single color for at least the past five years.


Oxford Hills Community High School, Oxford

We did at OHCHS two years ago.  We use to have Green for boys and white for girls.  We are now all green.


Maranacook Community High School, Readfield

Maranacook has only one color robes. 


Richmond High School, Richmond

Richmond High School transitioned to all maroon robes two years ago.  They previously used maroon for boys and white for girls. 


Scarborough High School, Scarborough

Scarborough High School has one color of robe for all graduating seniors.  A couple of years ago we had an extensive process with the seniors to design one robe to wear (we had them vote multiple times until we had a design that everyone was happy with).  Since then, no class has wanted a change.


South Portland High School, South Portland

We have two colors of robes but the kids can choose whatever color they want.


Winslow High School, Winslow

Winslow High School has all black robes. 


Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth

One color at Yarmouth.

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