Guiding Principals - How Are Maine Schools Reporting?


RSU 14, Windham/Raymond

We are working on this in June. We will send in our information when our plan is complete.


Kennebunk High School, Kennebunk

We are reporting out separately for each course.


York Elementary Schools, York

A page from our current "report card" is attached with the guiding principles listed.  Teachers collect data around them in their own classrooms and use any behavior data to assist in scoring. Click on the name of the school to view the report card.


James Bean School- Sidney

We teach habits of mind through our curriculum in guidance and we have a separate weekly session (by grade level) on HOM (Habits of Mind).  We also use the Second Step Curriculum which is filled with HOM standards.


Boothbay Harbor Regional High School, Boothbay

I am going to be utilizing an electronic portfolio system for measuring the guiding principles and the core content standards. We have drafted indicators and rubrics and are piloting assessments now. 


Maranacook Community High School, Readfield

Please click on the name of the school to view the attachment for the rubric which is tied to Habits of Work.


Freeport High School, Freeport

At FHS, we are using the 4Cs associated with project-based learning (align nicely with Guiding Principles).  Students will be measured 2-3 times per year through larger integrated or interdisciplinary experiences.  We like this because it affords teachers to work together, connect content, and provide a more authentic experience that relates best to those cross-curricular skills.


Bonny Eagle High School, Standish

At Bonny Eagle we are designing our Capstone Project around the Maine Guiding Principles (MGP).  We have been developing our Capstone throughout the year and each assigned task is aligned with the appropriate GP, evaluated with a scoring rubric.  To ensure that we assess the MGP for all students we believe that our Capstone Project will meet the Proficiency-based Diploma requirements.  Please feel free to contact Paul Penna if you would like additional information.  


Lewiston Middle School, Lewiston

We have considered Guiding Principles in two ways. Some align well to Habits of Work. Separating Habits of Work from Academics allows us to neatly assess some of the Guiding Principles. They don't all fit well.

We have not reported them out separately as of yet. We have considered it moving forward but some are difficult to quantify or report out. "Self-directed lifelong learner" for example - I am not sure how one would measure that with students who have yet to graduate. Is it about teaching them access to education? Is it about teaching them reflective practices...etc.?

Where we have considered the Guiding Principles in our Habits of Work they would be incorporated and scored with the same frequency as our HOW rubric.


Lake Region Middle School, Naples

We read "A Repair Kit for Grading - Fixing Broken Grades" by O'Connell and Research for Better Teaching (The Skillful Teacher).  The research review suggests the importance of separating out effort and behavior or any other factors for measurement of mastery of the academic standard.  

We were reporting separately on 12 elements under the guiding principles but this was too ominous. We condensed the factors our staff thought were most important down to two rubrics for two grades, namely Effective Effort and Citizenship.  Next year however, we will be working with a K-12 committee to determine how we will report on the 5 major areas of the guiding principles, what the 4 point rubric will have for descriptors and indicators to make the expectations clear to everyone and provide more consistency teacher to teacher.


Southport Central School, Southport

We developed a rubric this year to use with our students K-6 for: A self-directed and lifelong learner. We shared this with parents our 2nd trimester. We plan to work on teaching these skills and behaviors to our students and to use the rubric as part of our trimester reporting. We shared with parents that as students learn, grow and change, their skills will as well so their child’s progress will vary throughout the year as well as throughout their school years. Please click on the name of the school to view the rubric.

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