School Resources Optional SAT Plans for High Schools

Optional SAT Plans for High Schools

Optional SAT – Wednesday, April 15

How are some high schools in Maine accommodating students while still running their schools?

(We asked and many schools responded. As you come up with a plan on how to give the optional SAT to your Juniors on Wednesday, April 15, please e-mail Holly and we will add it to our bank of resources to help each other!)

Wiscasset – Wiscasset High School

            We will be segregating students in the building and taking younger students for college trips that day.  All our juniors will be taking the test.

Lisbon – Lisbon High School

Lisbon High School will be administering the test on April 15th to approximately 60 juniors (the junior class is currently 80ish students).  We will be hosting the testing session in the gymnasium of our central office building (formerly Lisbon Elementary, about 2-3 miles down the road from the high school).  We’ve patched together a sufficient number of desks and chairs in order to meet the testing room requirements set by the College Board.  Our guidance counselors are working out the logistics for sufficient number of proctors.  We’ll be running the test in the morning.  We are still working out our transportation plans, but likely we will bus students from the high school to the testing site, and then back again for lunch.

Ashland – Ashland District School

Our Juniors will be testing in our Auditorium. The area is relatively soundproof to the outside areas and offers a large stage for us to set up. The lunch program will be holding lunches for those that wish to eat after the testing is completed. Our Guidance Counselor will be administering the test. He has given the test for many years and is very experienced with the process. Any other accommodations and suggestions that he makes will be reviewed and acted upon accordingly.

Waterboro - Massabesic High School

- Make the best environment for juniors possible

- Get rid of bells for the day

- Move classes to open up one section so as to move all juniors to one section of the building

- Run the regular schedule, but now allow any new learning in mixed classes that include juniors

- Stop student traffic where students are taking the SAT

St. Agatha – Wisdom High School

We are just trying to figure out an area that is least disruptive (Ex. church? other facility? close a wing of school here?). Also, we will likely need to hire subs so we have proctors for the test. We are a small school so the logistics will not be as difficult as other schools. 

Winthrop – Winthrop High School

Winthrop High School is planning on housing our Juniors who will be taking the SAT in our Gymnasium on April 15th. This matter is really inconvenient for many schools and principals that I have spoken to, but without the ability to move staff or obtain substitutes for proctors renders WHS also to be in this difficult position.

Boothbay Harbor - Boothbay Region High School

I am approaching this much like my AP testing which I always do off site. We are planning to bus students to the local Rotary Hall for SAT testing and having school personnel chaperone and proctor the event.

Milo – Penquis Valley High School

We are currently looking at the numbers as they associate to Juniors taking the SAT..... If the numbers are high, we plan on hosting the SAT at an alternate site than the school as to not disrupt the day, provide transportation and food as well. If the numbers are small, we are going to use our library for the day. We have a couple of Community centers in town that are big enough and free to use, one is run by the local Kwainis in town... Another is general hall that has been used for AP exams before.

Turner – Leavitt Area High School

We are planning on completely restructuring the school day.  We will be sending the 10th graders out of the building to visit college campuses.  The juniors will have the option of either the SAT or the Accuplacer.  Seniors will be working individually on their senior exit presentations and depending on the weather, 9th graders may be off campus as well.  Ultimately the building will be pretty quiet for the testing.

York – York High Schools

We are going to have sophomores do our college tour, freshmen in another part of the building, and Seniors will be given the day off.

Sullivan – Sumner High School

For us the SAT on April 15 works great.  I have secured the Rec hall and it holds all of our juniors for testing.  This way I only need 2 proctors also!  I have talked with a lot of other schools that are our size and they are fine off-site.  Some are securing a "wing" of their school to test, etc.  The during the school week testing helps a lot of kids, as the Saturday testing for some (like MDI) kids would not come.

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