School Resources Rental Fees for Auditoriums

Rental Fees for Auditoriums


Ashland Community School, Ashland

Click HERE for their information.


Jonesport Elementary School, Jonesport

We have a small but cozy gym and you are welcome to use it.  There would only be a fee, I believe, if you require set up and clean up.  That would be a reasonable fee.


MSAD 30, Lee

No fee for facility use at MSAD 30, but person(s) requesting use must pay hourly fee for custodial, and if kitchen is used, then hourly rate for kitchen staff is required as well. 


Ella Burr/RSU 67, Lincoln

Ella P. Burr/RSU 67 does not charge for facilities use.  A deposit is required and returned once things have been deemed okay.  Users are expected to pay for custodial.


Lubec School Department, Lubec

Lubec does not charge for the use of the auditorium.  It is the feeling of the board that taxpayers already pay.  We do however, charge a refundable $25.00 key usage when the key is returned.  We found that keys were not being returned and the fee solved the issue.


Poland Regional High School, Poland

PRHS charges between $25-$75 per hour, depending on the organization and the event.


Portland High School, Portland

The contract and fee portion of auditorium rentals is now handled by Janet Dibiase at Central Office. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Generally you are charged fees for the rental and custodial coverage. 


Presque Isle Middle School, Presque Isle

Here at Presque Isle Middle School we have the following charges for our auditorium rentals

$25/hour for the facility

$25/hour for custodian

$25/hour for sound/lighting (if they need it)


Mountain Valley High School, Rumford

We do not charge non-profit community groups that want to use the auditorium at MVHS. If it is a group from outside of the community or a for profit group they are charged a usage fee of $100 per day plus custodial coverage. If they want to use the sound system or lights they are charged and additional amount to pay for staff/students to run it for them. 


Scarborough Schools, Scarborough

Click HERE to view their information.


Marshwood High School, South Berwick

Click HERE to view their information.


Vinalhaven School, Vinalhaven

Click HERE to view their information.


Oak Hills High School, Wales

We charge a fee of $75 at OHHS.

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