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One of your colleagues asked a question in regards to reporting out of standards based grading.  This is slightly different than the question asking what information systems people are using.

“I was wondering if anyone was using PowerSchool/PowerGrade to report out standards based grades for performance indicators under a graduation standard. Meaning that an 8th grade student would have a grade for the graduation standards Geometry, Algebra, Functions, etc. calculated from the performance indicators, and then an overall 8th grade math grade, calculated from the graduation standards.”

Wiscasset Schools – Wiscasset

            No we did not find power grade useful for this as a true pbe grade should be based on a preponderance of evidence not an average. For now we created our own google doc and will be using empower next year.

Lake Region Middle School – Naples

            We use Infinite Campus and report out on each standard individually without an overall course grade.

Monmouth Academy and Monmouth Upper Middle School – Monmouth

            We do not use PowerSchool/PowerGrade to track when our learners meet graduation standards - we keep track of these via Educate (our software system that tracks learner proficiency from grades K-12 on each standard that each are required to meet).  

We use Infinite Campus (IC) to enter course scores and produce transcripts.  If students have met the standards for Algebra, Geometry, or World Languages, it is recorded in IC, and, thus on their transcript.

Dexter Regional High School – Dexter

            DRHS is using PowerSchool to report out standard based grades under a graduation standard, but most subject areas are not reporting out each specific performance indicator.  Geometry would be one exception I can think of off the top of my head.  Each department determined if they preferred to report out the standards or the performance indicators.  Most chose the standards.

The grades for individual standards are reported, and then an Academic Summary grade is derived for each class (it isn't really calculated.) As you know, there is also a Habits of Work Summary grade derived from individual Habits of Work standards in each class.

The big challenge has been using PowerSchool to report this system for our freshmen while finishing up with a traditional grading system for our 10-12 graders.

Winthrop High School – Winthrop

            Winthrop began using a hybrid grading model this year. Freshman students are scored on standards and graded in the traditional way as well. We do allow for credit to be earned in some courses if they are taught by a staff member who is certified 7-12.

Biddeford Intermediate – Biddeford

         Biddeford is using JumpRope K-8 to report out on standards.

Hall-Dale Middle/High School – Farmingdale

         We don't use PowerSchool - we use IC.  However, it's more a transcript question.  I'd be happy to converse with her as to how we report at Hall-Dale.

Medway Middle School – Medway

            Medway Middle School currently uses PowerSchool for standards grading and report cards. My IT person imported the standards we chose and they score with 4-1. The report card is 3 pages long, but tells the parents what the students know. The standards are sometimes too long and are cut off, but it can be done.

We are seriously considering shifting to Educate because the grades can follow the students whereas right now the grades stay with the class. I am willing to share more if you would like to hear about our journey and experience.

Houlton Middle/High School – Houlton

         Here at Houlton Middle/High School we have created graduation standards for ELA, math, PE, and health for the class of 2018 and we are reporting out on those standards in PS. We are currently developing graduation standards in Science and SS.  The graduation standards we have created are being reported out on in the 1-4 format, separately on the bottom half of our report cards.  In addition, we are reporting out on 2 of the Guiding Principles via the same format.  These standards have been loaded into PS by my tech person.            

While we are reporting out using PS on key graduation standards via the 1-4 format, we are also reporting out course grades/course standards via the 0-100 format and doing so on the top half of the report card.  We are still doing this as we still require credits for graduation. 

In summary, we have set graduation standards at a level that allows all of our students to reach graduation.  We currently still have the course level standards being reported out on in the 0-100 format where students need to earn a grade of 70 to get their required course credit to build towards the 24 credits we still require for graduation.

An important note would be the for the purpose of assessing student progress on a graduation standard, that student must do work at a "3" level or attain at least an "80" to be proficient.

Maine Academy of Natural Sciences – Hinckley

            We are currently printing out our 2nd quarter report cards so the timing is good. We provide a cover sheet that includes narrative summary for each class. Then the Empower standards based report card is attached. She is more than welcome to contact me.

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