School Resources Restorative Justice Practices in Substance Abuse Policies

Restorative Justice Practices in Substance Abuse Policies

Restorative Justice Practices in Substance Abuse Policies

Bonny Eagle High School, Standish

At BEHS we use Restorative Practices as part of our ISS program.  But substance violations (drugs/alcohol/marijuana) are out-of-school suspensions.  We agree to reduce the 10-day suspension to 5 days (first offense) provided the student agrees to meet with our substance abuse counselor and take the JASSE.  

We also have a newly formed group of students who have been trained in Youth Court.  This has been slow getting off the ground, but we hope to include them in the process in the future.


Hermon High School, Hermon

Condition 1:  Referral to the Hermon High School substance abuse counselor for assessment and counseling (to be determined by counselor).

Condition 2:  Three consecutive months of drug testing (each test thirty days apart) indicating a negative result for marijuana – at student/parent expense (tests may be administered via the Hermon High School nurse upon request and mutual agreement.)  Dates of testing on or around:  November ___, December __, and January __.

Condition 3:  One-hour of Academic Administrative Detention three days a week ( Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays) for three months, with the purpose of work completion, make-up work and remediation, beginning ______________________ and ending ___________________.

Condition 4:  Ten hours of documented community service (forms available in Guidance Office).

Condition 5:   Bi-weekly check-ins with administration to monitor successful progress on completion of Conditions 1 - 4.

Failure to comply with the conditions above will result in the student being referred to the School Committee for the consideration of expulsion from school.


MSAD 60, Berwick, North Berwick, and Lebanon

We have been working with the Restorative Justice Institute of Maine for several years and the results have been very good. We also build RJ practices into our reentry plans when appropriate.

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