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Saturday SAT Testing

Saturday Testing

(As of 2/13/2014)

Mt. View High School, (retired principal response)

Although now retired, when I was active as a high school principal, this was a big issue.  While many of my peers offered the students following Monday off for juniors (SAT's) or some other designated day, I found that problematic.  1) junior teachers also had a day off since the whole class was put on an excused absence;2) there were liability issues should large numbers decide to party because if the school hadn't authorized the day off, whatever was occurring at the party wouldn't have happened;  3) some students prefer to be at school but weren't encouraged to come as no regular junior classes were held; and 4) students not juniors but in a traditional junior class (i.e. a senior repeating junior English) also miss a class.

I allowed students, who took the test, to sign up for any day between the Monday after the test and the Tuesday after Memorial Day as their personal compensation day. I allowed only six out on any given day, first come first serve.  With a class size of 130 there were plenty of opportunities, and surprisingly less than 40% even used it.  This allowed for teachers to be able to continue w/curriculum as planned and the impact on any one class/period was minimal.  The compensation day was excused, anything missed had to be made up but with no penalty.  Any long term projects had to be turned in before the absence if it was due on the day of chosen absence (in fairness to the others).  I don't know if they still use this, but our attendance rate at Sat. testing always made the cut off and I believe ran 97-98%

I also remember running a bus from each elementary school in the district to the test site (HS) and return to each elementary.  As a big % qualified for free/ reduced lunch we served a free breakfast for all beginning 45 minutes before testing.  Most juniors drove themselves so I believe guidance ask each junior if they needed transportation in case we didn't to make one of the runs. 

Cape Elizabeth High School, Cape Elizabeth

I am currently planning to do a Saturday, but that is not definite. The encouragement would be the same thing we did with the SAT: the following Monday would be a no-school day for juniors. Again, that is not definite, but it's my current thinking.

(There were 28 other schools who responded that they are NOT testing students on a Saturday)

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