School Resources Team Teaching at the Elementary Level

Team Teaching at the Elementary Level

Team and/or Subject Specific Teaching Models

at the Elementary Level


Dayton Consolidated School, Dayton

This year at Dayton Consolidated, our 4/5 teachers moved to a team.

One teacher teaches just math (3 blocks a day)

One teacher teaches just science (3 blocks a day)

One teacher teaches just ELA (3 blocks a day)


Dirigo Elementary School, Peru

We have a grades 3-5 program that has three regular education teachers and a special education teacher.  They are not all in one classroom together, but three classrooms connected by doors.


Harriet Beecher Stowe School, Brunswick

We offered a 3-person team approach this year in  grade 5.  One specialized in Science, one in Math, and  one  in Social Studies.  They all taught ELA.

We also have a 2-person grade 3 team.  One teacher teaches all the Math,  the other all the  ELA.  They both cover the remaining curriculum.  


George B. Weatherbee School, Hampden

Weatherbee School is a 3-5 school. We specialize on two or three person teams. Subjects specialized are reading, writing, and math.


Greene Central School, Greene

We have grades 4 and 6 at Greene Central School that team teach with teachers specializing in each of the core academic areas - reading, writing and math.


James H Bean School, Sidney

We have several team teaching teams... grades 2 and 4


Kennebunk Elementary School, Kennebunk

Our second grade teachers team teach the science curriculum....two out of the six teachers at that grade level teach all of the science....they teach two classes at a time, and kids take science in a condensed single trimester.....One third of the grade level takes science each trimester....


Morison Elementary School, Corinth

I have two 5th grade classrooms that team teach. 


North Berwick Elementary, North Berwick

The North Berwick Elementary School, does do area specialization in 2 of our 5th grade classrooms. I am happy to host a visitor(s) to our school. They could contact me by email or by calling our school at:  676-9811


Paris Elementary, Paris and Oxford Elementary School, Oxford

We offer STEM and HUMANITIES--grades 5 and 6.


Sebago Elementary School, Sebago

We do that for grades 1-5 at Sebago Elementary


Skillin Elementary School, South Portland

I have two first grade teachers who team teach. Basically they use flexible groupings for both math and literacy.


Snow Elementary School, Fryeburg

My elementary school is using a team teaching model with some subject area specialization.

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