Athlete Eligibility Waiver

MPA Request for a Student-Athlete Eligibility Waiver Hearing

This form is to be used when requesting a waiver for a student-athlete. Once this form is received, you will be notified of the date and time of the scheduled hearing.

The Eligibility Committee must have sufficient information at its disposal to make an informed judgment. Please upload or forward the following information to the MPA - or fax 207.622.1513:
-  A detailed, written request signed by the principal.
-  A complete academic transcript, including dates of attendance at all high schools attended.
-  A copy of the guardianship document (if applicable).
-  Signed statements in support of the waiver request (school staff members, parents, medical personnel and/or other verifying parties). Any medical information must be documented in writing including diagnosis and medication if prescribed or it will not be accepted as evidence.
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