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Additional Basketball Information
The Basketball Committee shall be composed of sixteen members representing three subcommittees:

  1. Class A North/CD South:  Six representing Northern and Southern Maine, three active or retired members and three athletic administrators.
  2. Class A and B South:  Four representing Southern Maine, two active or retired members and two athletic administrators.
  3. Class BCD North:  Six representing Northern Maine, three active or retired members and three athletic administrators from each Class B, C, and D.
The full committee shall meet to determine statewide policies applying to basketball and basketball tournaments and shall have jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to basketball except those specifically delegated to the State Basketball Commission. The full committee, as well as each of the three subcommittees, shall annually select their chair(s).

The President, after consulting with the Management Committee, shall appoint three representatives to the State Basketball Commission.

Northern BCD

2022 2 Ron Ericson Admin Washburn District High School
2024 1 Adam Gudroe Admin SeDoMoCha Middle School
2024 1 Rick Sinclair AD Hermon High School
2024 1 Matt Rossignol AD Van Buren District Secondary School

Northern A and Southern CD

2022 2 Bill MacManus Retiree
2022* 1 Ryan Wilkins Admin Hartford-Sumner Elementary School
2022 1 Gabriel Levesque Admin Cony Middle/High School
2022 1 Colin Roy Retiree
2023 2 Chris Spaulding Admin Greater Portland Christian School
2024 2 Dan Hart Retiree

AA, and Southern A, B

2022* 2 Mike LeGage AD Scarborough High School
2022 2 Eric Curtis AD Bonny Eagle High School
2023 1 Michael Daly Admin Deering High School
2024 1 Thomas Danylik AD Mountain Valley High School

Staff Person:  Mike Burnham