State Championship Information

CLASS B: Oct. 6, 2023
Natanis Golf Course | 11AM | Tomahawk

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CLASS A: Oct. 9, 2023
Natanis Golf Course | 10 AM | Tomahawk

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CLASS C: Oct. 9, 2023
Natanis Golf Course | 11 AM | Arrowhead

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Location: Natanis Golf Course
735 Webber Pond Road, Vassalboro, Maine 04989

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Additional Information
The Golf Committee shall be composed of five members representing a balance of geography and classification. Three members shall be active or retired members and two shall be athletic administrators.

2025 1 Jeremy Bousquet Admin Old Town High School
2025 1 Susan Robbins Admin Belfast Area High School
2025 1 Jason Adickes Admin Jefferson Village School
2024 1 Geoff Godo AD Mt. Ararat High School
2026* 2 Tim Spear AD Gorham High School
    Brian Bickford Liaison Greely High School
    Don Doyan Liaison    

Staff Person:  Mike Burnham
* Denotes Chair