Sports Medicine
The Sports Medicine Committee shall be composed of five members including three active or retired members and two athletic administrators. Additionally, there shall be five liaisons including two athletic trainers and two physicians (M.D.), and one school nurse. The MPA president shall appoint liaisons as openings occur. This committee shall recommend sports medicine policy to and oversee coaches' education for the Interscholastic Management Committee and MPA membership.
2024    1    Brendan Scully AD Massabesic High School
2023     2    Tim Smith  Admin  Foxcroft Academy 
2024    1 Mark White Admin Presque Isle High School
2022    1 Gordie Salls Admin Sanford High School
2022    1 John Keane Admin Piscataquis Comm. Secondary
    Chris Sementelli Liaison Maine General Sports Medicine
    Chris Lutrzykowski, M.D. Liaison MaineGeneral Medical Center
    William Heinz, M.D. Liaison Sports Medicine Center
    John Ryan Liaison South Portland School District
    Emily Poland Liaison Maine Department of Education  
    Dan O'Connell Liaison John Bapst Memorial High School  

Staff Person: Mike Burnham

* Denotes Chair