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May 19, 20, 22
Bates College, Wallach Tennis Ctr.
Girls: Coco Meserve (Brunswick) def. Mya Vincent (Edward Little), 6-2, 3-6, 6-4
Boys: Xander Barber (Falmouth) def. Sam Yoon (Falmouth), 6-1, 6-0
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June 3 (North) | Bates College, Wallach Tennis Ctr.
June 5 (South) | Apex Racket and Fitness, Portland
Class C-8:30AM; Class B-12:30PM.;Class A-4:30PM

Maine State High School Tennis Championship Live Stream
Live Stream is via Playsight dashboard. All live streams will appear here on the date of the matches. It will show each court, 1 - 8 and will be a continuous looped stream for each court for the entire day.

June 7
Apex Racket and Fitness, Portland

Additional Tennis Information
The Tennis Committee shall be composed of five members representing a balance of geography and classification. Three members shall be active or retired members and two shall be athletic administrators.
2025* 1 Nick Karavas AD Dirigo High School
2024 1 Nathan Priest Admin Morse High School
2024 Tara Morin Admin
2026 1 Evan Graves AD Caribou High School
2023* 2 Gary Stevens AD Thornton Academy
    Larry Gray Liaison    
    Cooper Higgins Liaison
    Don Atkinson Liaison
    Sheila Bohlin Liaison

Staff Person:  Mike Bisson

* Denotes Chair