Unified Basketball
The Maine Principals’ Association and Special Olympics Maine are pleased to partner in developing and promoting Unified Sports. 

Unified Basketball partners students with developmental disabilities (Unified Student-Athlete) with students without developmental disabilities (Unified Student Partners) to train, compete, and represent their school. Unified Sports impacts all kinds of students and helps promote physical activity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and social inclusion.
Over the past few years, the MPA Unified Sports Committee witnessed first-hand Special Olympics Maine’s one-day Unified Basketball Tournament for high schools and expressed their support of this Special Olympics of Maine program by providing assistance for more Unified Basketball teams to train, compete, and represent their school. To help a school start a Unified Basketball team, Special Olympics Maine will offer scholarships to help offset costs associated with starting a new Unified Team. Schools can apply for a scholarship by submitting the School Project Funding Application to Special Olympics Maine. Special Olympics Maine is capable of offering up to $3,000 per school for the first two years of involvement. The MPA and Special Olympics Maine are now encouraging you to find your “Champions” in your school and start your school’s Unified Basketball team today!

The focus of MPA Unified Sports is competition (not simply participation). The opportunity to compete in sports teaches many life lessons: to work as a team, to follow rules and to be committed. Through sports, we can find shared interests that allow friendships to form. Through MPA/Special Olympics Unified Sports program we have an opportunity to make real positive changes in the lives of students with and without disabilities.

2023*    2 Chad Bell Admin Winslow High School cbell@aos92.org
2025    2 Jeremy Bousquet AD Old Town High School jeremy.bousquet@rsu34.org
2025 1 Matthew Petermann Admin Sanford High School  
2025 1 David Utterback AD Brewer High School  
    Jody Benson Liaison   jjkbenson@gmail.com
    Ian Frank Liaison Special Olympics Maine IanF@somaine.org
    Ed Baehr Liaison  RSU 52  

Staff Persons:  Mike Burnham, Mike Bisson

* Denotes Chair